30 November 2014

2015, what's your plan?

As we reaching the end of another year, I've been thinking a lot recently about what I hope to achieve in 2015, both personally and for my blog. 

Firstly, the easy stuff - the blog

Engage more with other bloggers
I'm terrible for following a blog, reading, never commenting or interacting with the blogger. I work better with Twitter but I'm determined to get back into commenting, sharing etc.

Set up a paid URL
I've looked into this recently and it's not all that expensive, £10 for 3 years or such for a basic one. It's definitely something I want to do, now just to think of a name. Maybe just Edinburgh Girl? I've check and it's available, although I'm not too sure what kind of 'hits' I may get... 

Set weekly goals
How many times a week to blog? 
Weekly set posts? 'Wednesday Wants!', 'Silent Sunday' 

Work on my photography
We were kindly given a brilliant (and pricey) Canon from Jamie's dad which I would love to get out and use more. I've also go my own Nikon and older digital camera to use. And what's the point in have these if you aren't making the most of them? Also I must buy a photo cube, they aren't exactly expensive. 
I'd also like to find a good location to do 'WIW' or general clothes pics. I live in Edinburgh where there are hundreds of beautiful locations so it shouldn't be too hard. 

Personally it's the same old stuff cropping up with a few new ones. 

Read more
I actually love nothing more than getting into a good book, at last count I had 6 on the go. But that last count was about 8 month ago and since then I've read one full book and that was on holiday. I admit I spend way to much time in the evenings checking my phone, tweeting etc. So I'm going to set aside at least one evening a week where I just sit with my book and co

Driving lessons
We have a nice wee Ford Fiesta sitting outside and when Jamie's away with work it would be nice to have the freedom to just jump in the car and go somewhere. I don't mind public transport or walking but it would be a good perk. Plus I'm sure Jamie wouldn't mind the idea of being picked up from the pub! 

Become a 'qualified' Project Manager
I've been in my job for a few years now Project Manager, Account Manager, call it what you will but I kind of fell into this role and have zero qualifications for it. A few weeks ago I bought an online course for PRINCE2 Foundation (PRojects IN Controlled Environments v2). At the end of my studying I have a two hour exam, passing this won't make me qualified but it does give me what I need to progress to the Practitioner course, after which I would be qualified and have the transposable skills to do contacted work etc, always good practice for the future. 

General fitness & well-being 
In recent months my fitness has been lacking and I'm feeling it in a lot of ways, slight weight gain, lethargic, complete cba attitude and all-in-all it's not good for me, and it's not good for those around me. So, in a bit to be generally more happy, energetic etc it's time to get back to the gym full time, it's time to make programmes fun again not just hours on the treadmill. It's time to get back to weekly PT on a Friday or Saturday, check out Jamie's classes here (not my BF Jamie) and it's time to put back into practice what I used to love, running. And potentially take part in the Skye half marathon. I need to make more time for me. And try not to drop anymore 20kg barbells on my face! 

So that's my 2015 goals & plans, what are yours? Either for your self or for your blog.