26 July 2014

My first Scottish Game Fair

A few weeks ago I went to my first Scottish Game Fair with Jamie and his parents. For them it's been a yearly tradition for a while and it was lovely to be asked to go along and for Jamie to be able to get a day off during the Summer (busy time for language schools).

2014 was the 26th annual Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Scottish Game Fair and I've never seen as much tweed in one place. It was fantastic. 

There were stalls set up selling things from Tweed jackets, leather bags, handmade jewellery & home-wares. There were a few people displaying their artwork and we came away with a few business cards to bare these people in mind once we buy a place. There was so much it's hard to remember. You could easily spend a lot, although not everything was super pricey.

In terms of entertainment there was:
World of Gundogs – *NEW* for 2014 and open to all with their own dogs
Gnat Shooting, back by popular demand
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Fly Casting
Air Rifle Shooting
The Scurry
Climbing Wall
Pipe Bands
Hill Ponies (Sunday only)
Children’s Activities including: quad bikes, face painting, archery, bouncy castle, climbing wall, super jumper and many more
Fun and Educational activities in the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust marquee
Super Jumper
Dry Stone Walling Demonstrations
Gnat shooting
4x4 Circuit (sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors)
Tug o’ War (Friday and Saturday)
Sheep Show - four times a day
Wimbledon Tent

 Really you aren't short of something to do and I can see how people can go for the full weekend. There was also cookery demonstrations but these were only on the Saturday & Sunday. 

 Jamie & I did a bit of clay pigeon shooting, which after half a bottle of prosecco and salmon sandwiches (provided by Mrs S) wasn't our best idea. 


My rifle shooting was much better.(J - Left, Me - Right)

 Finally (well not finally I just can't remember much else) there was the food tent. OMG! 
So many samples, so many good looking eats & drinks.

We came away with -
Wild Boar bacon and Wild Boar and Pear Burgers from Sillifield Farms. 
Trotters home-made hot pepper jelly, these guys make the best wild garlic pesto too. 
Braes of Gowrie non-alcoholic Elderflower fizz 
Sarah Grays Strawberry & Champagne jam 
Venison chirizo


24 July 2014

My First Degustabox

Almost a month after receiving my first Degustabox I've gotten round to writing about it. 
(I actually get my second one next week!) 

A while back the lovely Laura over at TheLikelyLady did her own post on Degustabox and I was immediately interested. For £12.99 a month you receive a box of 9-12 food & drink items delivered to your door, what's not to love!? 

I'm always up for trying new things and this way it could be something I wouldn't have thought about trying before. 

My June box contained the following: 

Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes   
Urban Fruit - Pineapple
Be Fast Breakfast shakes - banana (2)   
Bear Alphabites cereal   
Strawberry Lambrini
Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder
Veetee Egg Fried rice
Estrella Damm

and as an extra, Earl Grey Tea:Latte


 I found June's box was a nice mixture. You may notice that the Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes aren't pictured, these may have been consumed by my colleagues & I....

In a quick rating: 
Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes - 5/5
I'm not a massive chocolate fan if I'm honest. I have to be really in the mood but these....very tasty, very moreish and the calorie intake was pretty low, shame you want to eat a whole box at one.

Urban Fruit - Pineapple 
These are still in the cupboard unopened unfortunately. I'm not a huge lover of dry fruit and will probably keep these until one of my friends with kids visits as I'm sure they'd make a great healthy snack. 

Be Fast Breakfast shakes - banana (2) - 4/5
I had one of these shakes when I was in a rush and too busy one morning and failed to  have breakfast. It was very nice, great banana taste, a bit like a Yazoo milkshake, not too sweet and it didn't taste like it had 'stuff' in it. I'd definitely have these again.

Bear Alphabites cereal 
Neither J or myself are huge cereal fans, the occasional bowl of coco-pops once in a while is about as far as it goes. So, these are also in the cupboard awaiting the day that I crave some cereal again. 

Strawberry Lambrini
Currently chillin' in our beer fridge waiting for a summers evening to be be popped open. I enjoy strawberry flavored drinks and I'm sure I've had some other fruity Lambrini in the past that wasn't hideous so I am looking forward to trying this.

Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder - 5/5
Getting this for amongst my box I was pleasantly surprised, vanilla is not cheap and to buy this alone would probably be about half the price of the box. So I'm squirreled this away for my next baking day. 

Veetee Egg Fried rice - 3/5
Rice, oh rice! As much as I think of myself as a decent cook, cooking rice is my MAJOR downfall. Want a home-made lasagna including pasta, sure. Steak, peppercorn sauce & home-made fries, def. Want fluffy tasty rice with that shredded chilli chicken I whipped up, no danger.
So you get the idea, micro-rice is my calling. And this was decent. I wouldn't favour it over good ol' Uncle Bens, it was a little on the dry side for my liking. But all in all, a good rice. 

Estrella Damm - 5/5
Now we're talking. 
A light, crisp, cold beer, perfect for these Summer evenings. This I would 100% purchase, no ifs or buts. 

Earl Grey Tea:Latte - 0/5
Lastly....I don't mind an earl grey tea, but this wasn't nice. The mixture didn't well, mix, as you can see from the lumps on the bottom picture. And it didn't taste very nice either, a few sips and it went down the sink.
Maybe it was my tea making skills, maybe different flavours would be nicer?! Either way this wasn't for me.

And finally - even the box went to good use. Rudi loved it and spends a lot of time in it with his toy mouse....he is an odd kitten. 

If you would like to try Degustabox for yourself and get a cheeky £3 off your first box just click here.