11 June 2014

Wednesday Wants - South Africa

Some of you may already know this, but if not, on 6th September Jamie, myself and his mum and dad are off to South Africa for a holiday. The first 5ish days will be just Jamie & I in Cape Town then we fly back to Jo'Burg to meet his mum and dad for 3 nights in Madi a Thawha and then the rest of our trip is being spent in the Kruger National Park (I think - Jamie's mum is being amazing and doing most of the organising for the parts when we're with them). 

So, in typical girl fashion I've been browsing online on what to buy. I've been looking at outfits that are a) versatile and b) can be worn back here. My first point of call, as usual, is ASOS. And I've not been disappointed. This little ensemble caught my eye on my first browse, and is currently sitting in my 'saved items' in the hope the shorts come back into stock in my size (boohoo). My thought on this are, it's a nice two piece that I can wear with together with a plain white tee, secondly the shorts can be worn on their own with a white cami for dinner one night and lastly, the jacket can be popped on with a plain tee and some skinny jeans & sandals combo in the evening (it does get quite chilly at night). 

The sunnies - well they're cute. 
The hat - I LOVE Converse, I don't care that this is a boys hat - (although I do have a tiny head), still ideal for hiking when sunnies aren't practical. 
The bumbag - no explanation required 
The nail varnish - you never know, I may acquire a tan and I love bright colours to make it 'pop' 

I've also been looking at a lot of things like kimonos, cargo shorts (some brilliant ones in H&M just now), there will be A LOT of trekking and walking so practical footwear is a must. Also, some warm jammies and a new hoody for the cold nights/early mornings will be on the list. 

Have any my readers been? Any tips?