23 March 2015

Our Big Announcement

So I meant to pop this a while ago, and unless you live under a rock I've probably bugged you enough with our news. Which was.....

.....we bought our first house! Yup Jamie and I are officially home owners!

Some of Pinterest followers may have twigged something was going on as I've been abusing those boards like heck the past few weeks but I wanted to wait until everything was official before announcing it. I hadn't even told many people it was happening at all. 

So on 6th March we picked up the keys to our very own 3 bedroomed semi-detached house in Woodburn (bye, bye Leith). It's going to be really odd for me not being a 10 minute walk from work, not having The Shore on my doorstep or being a 22 bus journey from town. However, a good few of my friends live out East Lothian way and maybe I can convince others. 

The place isn't in bad nick decore wise, however I'm looking forward to putting our mark on it. And having a garden has been brilliant so far, bring on the summer.
Rudi's been outside twice now and exploring away, looking a bit more excited that this!! 

It's been strange packing up the little flat, it was never, ever intended to be anything other than a 'stop gap' but things happened and I ended up being there for 10 years in the end, almost to the day in fact. There's been some good memories created in this place, as well as some absolutely chaotic nights. 

I've had numerous flat mates, the cross-dressing bouncer, the (ex) best mate, my little brother for a while, two of my bestests Fee & Gordon, and lastly Jamie & Rudi cat (OK, the last two weren't technically flat mates) but each one has taught me a lesson in life. 

Now I'll probably be updating more with decorating, new things we've bought etc but at the same time I'll be looking for A LOT of tips of you guys. Espsecially if anyone's clued up on gardening and growing veggies.