12 February 2015

Review: Dune Surfer and Just Burgers & Beers.

A while ago (ahem, November!!) I was invited to my first Blogger Event from the lovely girls at LUX. As life has been pretty chaotic I've only just got round to finishing this post (bad blogger!)

The event was taking place in Just Burger & Beers up in the Royal Mile and was to promote a new low-cal refreshing beer - Dune Surfer. Now I LOVE burgers and I LOVE beer, so yeah, there wasn't really any part of me saying no - apart from the small nervous part about meeting a bunch of strangers. Now I'm no stranger to the blogging world, having had this one since 2009 (although the lack of older posts doesn't make this clear, I had a bit of a radge moment and deleted all my old posts and wish I never had), but this was my first meet up, other than nods of acknowledgement from others when I've been out and around town. So I was a little nervous about that, but really shouldn't have been, everyone I spoke to was lovely.

So back to the beer and burger.

We were firstly spoken to by the owner of Just Beer & Burgers who explained we would given a small sample of their 'sides', home-made 'slaw, pulled pork, chicken wing, chili and nachos, - god it was all so tasty but so filling, I wasn't actually sure I'd be able to manage my burger afterwards. 

We then had a chat from the owner of Dune Surfer, a gentleman with years of brewery experience. The beer is marketed as refreshing, hydrating, low-cal and low- alcohol (around 2%). The beers I tend to drink are ones like Heineken, Innis & Gunn lager, a few choice Williams Bros and Black Isle. So this was probably a fair bit away from my 'norm'. However, I did find it refreshing, fruity and very light, as to not suffer from the beer bubbles. I could quite imagine sitting in a beer garden in the Summer having a few of these.

Next we tried a beer cocktail, they added gin, watermelon and something limey, it was delish, something I would certainly attempt to recreate at home. 

During this part our burgers arrived!

I'd gone for their 'Anna Nicole Smith' burger, a lovely burger but a bit of a mess, (too harsh?...maybe). But it was one of the best burgers I've had. Served on a seeded bun with the Wee Mans fiery beef chilli, melted Monty Jack cheese & jalapenos. 

There were also fries and onion rings the size of your hand, I was stuffed by the end, and we got chocolate brownie to take home. Chocolate isn't high on my list of 'like's but the brownie was superb.