07 January 2014

New Year, Same Me?

So we're almost a full week into 2014, I'm not sure about you but the turn of the year didn't inspire big change, there aren't any resolutions as such, I have set myself a few goals, most of which I believe are highly achievable, one, erm, maybe is a bit iffy, but we shall see. 

2013 for me was fab. Jamie and I moved in together, we had a holiday in Turkey, a mini break in Amsterdam and London, and as cheesy as it is I fell more in love with his cheeky face that I thought I could. I made some new friends and got to know some old ones better, and at the end of the year I got a bit more responsibility at work which could prove very worthwhile in the coming months. My friends are all very happy in their lifes, there was a new baby, a new relationship, more relationships growing stronger and I know 2014 is going to be full of happiness for them all.

2014 for me shall involve a two week trip to South Africa with Jamie and his folks, us buying a kitten (maybe two if Jamie can be swayed), and lastly buying a house. We were going to be doing this sooner rather than later but due to a couple of things we're going to put it off until November time, unless the right thing comes up sooner of course. 

My goals for 2014: 
Run a half marathon - I'm 50/50 at signing up for the RockNRoll Edinburgh half marathon again, last year I had to pull out due to a chest infection which unfortunately I get regularly. So whether it's a half on my own on a Sunday afternoon or part of a race, that is my running target for the first half of 2014. 

Weigh it up - Ahem, weight training, 2014 goal - squat my body weight, or 60kg, which ever is heaviest (hopefully the 60kg), even if it's just for one rep. At the moment I can do 35kg with very little upper body strength, not to mention squatting does give you a better backside. 

Driving - this is the biggy for me, I am not very co-ordinated and I don't have a great deal of spatial awareness, two of the things needed for driving. But I think it's something I should try, properly, once more. I've had a few lessons with my uncle who's an instructor, but I think that was part of the problem in my head, 'He's my uncle, what if I crash and kill him'. So, maybe a new instructor, a few lessons and see how we go. I do feel bad that Jamie does all the driving, although he does enjoy it. 

Shoot! - In the gun sense. Jamie's dad, as well as being a world renowned vet, also shoots, and culls. I won't go into detail in case I upset someone over the population control of wild animals, but he has agreed to take me shooting - but on a target, and not a moving one. I have shot before in cadets, using a  .22 rifle and a SA80, I enjoyed it, I'm actually not too bad at it and I'm looking forward to giving it a go again. 

Work - My job isn't something I ever thought of doing, in fact, I didn't even know what we do existed until I rocked up 7 years ago for an interview as their receptionist. Slowly I've worked my way into the Project Management side of things and at the end of last year there was some restructuring within the business which left me with a few new clients and more responsibility. My 2014 goal within the work place is to take on extra training, email work etc, and get as much out of it this year as I can.

I've read some good 2014 resolutions and goals, and everyone seems to be going away from the 'norm' of diets and focusing more on goals and achieving more for themselves - I like it. What are your 2014 goals?