22 April 2013

139. Catch-up

I've honestly lost count of the number of sloppy 'catch-up' posts I've done in the last year. I think my blogging bug has gone into hibernation for the winter! But Summer (!) is almost here so I think it's time to dust off and start up again with pointless goings-on. 

So here's a little run down of the last couple of months: 

Some tasty eats: 

  • Afternoon tea at Turquoise Thistle (couple of Wowcher & Deal Monster vouchers, yes, that good that I went twice!) 
  • Wings at Wings on Victoria Street, (just under the Mariachi), until Sunday (28th April), £2.50 for a bowl of 6 wings, A-MAZ-ING sauces, wings cooked to perfection, and £2.50 corona too (find them on Facebook here)

  • Illegal Jacks on Lothian Road - for any local Edinburgers I shouldn't have to specify why Jacks is so good, good food, good music, good beer. GREAT value for money 

I learnt lots about craft beer, and it wasn't boring in the slightest - some good beers, some not soo good (IMHO) but a great experience and worth the money.  

  •  pulled pork burgers at Lebowskis  for my lovely friend Adams birthday. 

 Some entertainment: 

  • Cats at Edinburgh Playhouse 
  • All Time Low (again) at o2 Academyy
  • Lots of football watching, including hospitality where I got to meet one of my childhood heroes John Robertson

Some up-and-coming things:  

Eats at Khublai Khan, Basement and Jamie Olivers 
Tickets for Jack Whitehall
New Year in Berlin booked

And lastly, I'd like you to all meet the lovely, gorgeous, sweet, caring (I'll stop bragging now) boy in my life - this is Jamie, who may pop up from time to time on here, or if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll know all about him by now anyway. 
Jamie & I - Opal Lounge
I've never been convinced that one person could change your life so much, but here we are 5 months later and all going amazingly well. 

So apart from all that, I had my 28th birthday, two of my best friends are due their first baby in July, we've had some brilliant nights out, some good laughs, I unfortunately couldn't take part in the 1/2 marathon I'd signed up for due to a chest infection but that hasn't put me off and I'm hoping to aim towards the Prague 2014 full marathon (time will tell I guess), so that's what's been going on in my life, how about yours?

My 28th - Picturehouse

My 28th - Black Bull, Edinburgh (the cool rock one on Leith Street)