30 October 2012


Hello beautiful people, 

How are we all? Can you believe it's almost the end of October already?! Someone mentioned earlier on Instagram how it's only 65 days until Christmas, this year is going far too quickly, can we have Summer back please? Just for a while? 

I haven't really blogged properly for a while (again), to be honest I've not had a lot to blog about. I've been having a quiet few months, I had imposed a shopping ban on myself but due to winter coming far too quickly, some winter boots, a new jacket & an awesome Minnie Mouse onsie were purchased. 

On Friday I went to see Billie Joe Armstrongs' (of Greenday) musical 'American Idiot' for my sisters 17th birthday - it was fab, honestly, if you get a chance (even if you're not a Greenday fan) go and see it. 

And lastly (although it seems like a lifetime ago) I completed by first 10K race on behalf of Big Hearts Community Fund on Sunday 7th October - I managed to race £111, which isn't bad as I only had 2 weeks notice and my official time was 64 mins 58 seconds, and as it was only my 3rd time running 10k since I started running I'm pleased with that. My next goal I think will be the Edinburgh Rock n' Roll half marathon, winter nights are not my friend just now in terms of getting my backside out, in fact I haven't run in over a week but I know I'll find my mojo again. In the past two weeks a colleague has run a 38 mile ultra-marathon and a twitter friend has done a 55 mile ultra-marathon, yikes, kinda craps all over 13.1 miles really. 

Thanks again to everyone for their support & sponsors - looking forward to the next on.