31 May 2012

30 Day Shred

"When I wake up in my makeup, it’s too early for that dress. Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood, I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh"

I’m one of those people who like to make lists, charts, all those things where you can tick something off to say you’ve done it, it’s a small sense of achievement. I find if I write something down I’m more inclined to do it.

Today is day 4 of my ‘master fitness plan’ (image below – my skills are wasted 
#couldhavebeenabluepeterpresenter), a 5.85k run in dreary Edinburgh this morning, managed in 33m 39s – 9.14mim/mi, I think this is the fastest I’ve run, it wasn’t a difficult run, maybe the rain helped! On Monday I started over with Jillian Michaels – ’30 Day Shred’ – I LOVE Jillian, I’ve watched the odd episode of The Biggest Loser and yes, I know she can be a bit mean, but she pushes you, and that’s what you want. And ‘Ripped in 30′ has now been purchased.

Back to The Shred though. I’ve never made it to 30 days with The Shred, 21 I think was my maximum, then I caught a cold and felt rubbish, but I did see results, and I did see them quickly. unfortunately my motivation to re-add The Shred back into my fitness routine has come only 2.5 weeks before I go on holiday so I will only get 15 days out of it until I’m back. I’m going to try and still do bits when I’m away, but we’ll see, sun, sea & all-inclusive may just be too good.

I’ve considered the whole ‘before & after’ photos, I’m not sure if I’m brave enough, maybe. I think there may be some kicking about on my old blog, I’ll see if I can hunt those out to see the different from then until now. I suppose when you’re seeing yourself everyday it’s hard to see changes. Around a stone down and really I don’t feel much different, I know my clothes are looser and the scales say I’m down, the only really noticeable difference is my boobs are getting smaller, which makes me sad (hello, surgery!).